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Our amazing sponsors enable Athletics South West to directly and indirectly support a number of regional initiatives and outcomes.  These include:

  • Providing pathways and visibility of the region’s high performers.

  • Specialised coaching to other clubs, sports and athletes.

  • Supporting the prevention of loss of top talent (athletes, coaches, officials) from the region.

  • A focus on inclusivity, Athletics is a sport that has a strong focus on para and disabled athletes (all abilities).

  • An athletics environment and community that is equally male and female supportive and provides for all ages.

  • Address the increasing interest and demand of speed and power training services.

  • Regional Council health, sport and wellbeing strategies including community health (mental and physical) and social outcomes through increasing opportunities for participation. 

  • Collaborative lobbying and support with other clubs for improved infrastructure and resources for our region.  

  • Helping promote and reflect government and private investment in renewables that supports the region’s competitive advantages.

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